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Prince Edward County home of Shannon Kyles. Front exterior.

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The 1830s Regency cottage began life in Ancaster, Ontario. All that could be salvaged was bought and moved to Prince Edward County by Ms. Kyles, an architecture professor at Hamilton's Mohawk College.

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The home from the back. Exposed wood on the rear is meant to look like an addition.

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Shannon Kyles, left, and friend Mary Anne Peters work on a pie in the kitchen.

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The Rumford fireplace in the dining room, one of four in the house. The surround is not yet complete.

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Rumford fireplace in the master bathroom.

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The main entrance.

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The second floor bedroom, with bathtub.

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Multicoloured fir and pine floor planks.

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Exposed beams in the master bedroom.

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The dining room looking toward the kitchen.

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Detail of an intricate doorknob.

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