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A Toronto home that reveals all - until the blinds are drawn

Cutaway design makes for an open house

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North Toronto home designed by architects Kevin Bridgman and Paulo Rocha and built by high-end builder Eisner Murray.

Tom Arban

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The original 1940 street façade and most of the original massing has been respected, restored and, most importantly, not overwhelmed by the new addition.

Tom Arban

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‘Clean, no baseboards, nothing,’ says Steve Eisner, one half of Eisner Murray, of the design plan. ‘No casings, quarter-inch reveals everywhere.’ Also, door pulls are absent, a razor-sharp Viabizzuno drop ceiling floats over the dining area and millwork gaps are mathematically perfect

Tom Arban

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Inside, the house is a study in lighting, detail, minimalism, tolerances and crispness.

Tom Arban

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‘People don’t understand, it looks so simple and clean,’ Mr. Eisner says. ‘But boy, it takes a lot to get there.’

photos by Tom Arban

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The drywall doesn’t touch the floor, since anywhere two different surfaces meet, there is a tiny ‘reveal.’

Photographer: Tom Arban

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