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1143 Eyremount Drive, also, knowm as the Terry S. Forest house, built in West Vancouver in 1964 and designed by architect Ron Thom. The current owner, Amir Lajevardi, bought it strictly as a view property, with the intention of tearing down the home. He says he has since changed his mind and intends to live in the home - for the time being.

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The view from the deck. 'I walked up the driveway, and then when I turned around to look at the view, I just went: 'Ahhh' - as though you would show a 25-year-old gentleman the most beautiful girl in the world,' says Mr. Lajevardi.

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The 50-year-old house is in excellent condition, and despite several updating gestures and a small addition, it's essentially the same masterpiece that Mr. Thom designed at the height of Midcentury Modernism, when West Vancouver was an architectural epicentre.

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The original kitchen has been significantly expanded, fitted with new cabinetry and its wall opened up to the living room

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The floor-to-ceiling expanse of glass generates spectacular views from the home's interior; the asymmetric triangular pitch of each window-wall frames each viewpoint in a strategically artful manner.

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Off the living room you can step down into a cozy den-like space with built-in seating and rock wall with an embedded fireplace.

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Each bedroom features a large rectangular window with a view of the nearby sloping wall of earth and groundcover.

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