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Blue on Blue: A home perched on a weather-beaten Lake Erie site

A brawny home reflects its rugged setting

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Indigo House, Lake Erie, by Cindy Rendely Architexture. The 3,380-square-foot structure has been made to sync with its high, exposed, weather-beaten site. There is nothing pretty or sentimentally rustic about it. The roof is flat, and the strict overall composition is a modernist matter of clearly articulated oblong or bevelled volumes bundled together.

Tom Arban

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The modernist simplicity that characterizes the exterior is echoed in the interior. The space is divided, generally speaking, into three areas. The two sleeping wings are connected by a link containing the living room and kitchen, the one sharply distinguished from the other.

Tom Arban

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The living room is casual, relaxed; it even has a short flight of bleacher seating for the expansive entertaining the family likes to do. The kitchen, in contrast, is tightly organized around a built-in dining table.

Tom Arban

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One of the wings, featuring an en-suite bathroom off a spacious bedroom with tall windows on two sides, has been set apart for the adult in this single-parent family of four. The other sleeping wing, elevated and cantilevered out over the front side of the house, is accessed by means of a handsome riserless staircase framed by thick slabs of clear glass. This zone comprises bathrooms and three small bedrooms, one for each of the three nearly grown children, and a lounge overlooking Lake Erie and glassed in on three sides.

Tom Arban

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Deep blue brick and painted aluminum cladding combines with the solid geometry to give Indigo House a general air of toughness and resilience. This is architecture that stands its ground in a dramatic landscape – carefully, without making a great fuss about itself, but forthrightly.

Tom Arban

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Ms. Rendely pegged building costs at about $325 a square foot.

Tom Arban

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Tom Arban

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