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Cartoon character takes a comic tour of TO

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Wonderdick, on tour with The Architourist, searches through Parkdale's Little Free Library.

Photo illustration by Mike Winters/The Globe and Mail

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Mike Winters in front of the former home of Anderson Ruffin Abbott in Parkdale. Mr. Abbott was the first Canadian-born black doctor and treated a dying Abraham Lincoln after he was shot in 1865.

Dave LeBlanc/The Globe and Mail

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Wizard hat turret in Parkdale.

Dave LeBlanc/The Globe and Mail

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Arch of the Sunnyside Bathing Pavillion.

Dave LeBlanc/The Globe and Mail

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Tile art in the Dufferin underpass.

Dave LeBlanc/The Globe and Mail

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The first issue of Cartoon Machine.

Photos by Dave LeBlanc/The Globe and Mail

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Panels from Mike Winter’s Cartoon Machine. One of Mr. Winter’s characters, Wonderdick, knows plenty about Toronto, and can even be brought to tears by the sight of a rusting Dufferin underpass.

Mike Winters

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Mike Winter’s Cartoon Machine.

Mike Winters

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