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Come see inside a Space Age 1957 bungalow

Modernist architecture fans fall for an aluminum show home

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The exterior of the home has purple cladding made from Space Age aluminum. There’s aluminum in other places as well: wavy blue window grates, a front door in anodized chartreuse, ‘frames’ around the interior Cypress wall panelling and structural supports, and even as roofing material.

Steven Plouffe

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The Brighton, N.Y. home of Steven Plouffe and Mike Linsner was built in 1957 as one of 24 near-identical, partly-prefab “Care-free” show homes by the Aluminum Company of America . It is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

Steven Plouffe

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Under a post-and-beam ceiling, a generous foyer flows into a formal living area, which connects to a large dining room, which melts into a family room; floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors send light into every nook and cranny.

Steven Plouffe

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The living room.

Steven Plouffe

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Cabinetry detail. Acting as the home’s hub is a 12- by 8-foot kitchen with floating walls that don’t reach the ceiling.

Steven Plouffe

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The original kitchen cabinets facing the family room – finished in apple green, black, baby blue, and white Formica – were so well built, they stayed put during renovations, and only the well-worn inner kitchen cabinets and the home’s two bathrooms needed an overhaul.

Steven Plouffe

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The original floor plan of the Alcoa house from a 1957 brochure.

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Steven Plouffe and Mike Linsner said their was little need for restoration work on the home when they bought it.

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