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In the Saltspring Island home designed by RUF's Sean Pearson and Alyssa Schwann, interior spaces such as the kitchen are aligned to feel as if they extend into the ocean.

Ivan Hunter

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At night, the exterior glazing that opens up to the seafront becomes a luminescent jewel box.

Ivan Hunter

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The relatively small footprint of the Saltspring Island house belies its sense of spaciousness, and everywhere the outside comes in, with the built environment bleeding into the natural.

Ivan Hunter

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The millworkers 'understood that everything had to be perfectly flush and aligned – not slapped up and covered with mouldings,' architect Sean Pearson says.

Ivan Hunter

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For the Nike Football Training Centre in Soweto, South Africa, the RUF team used a palette of local materials that included sandstone, Saligna timber, concrete and steel.

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At the Nike centre, there is an absence of dark, hidden spaces, and site lines are everywhere so 'no one feels like they’re being watched,' architect Sean Pearson says.

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The centre was conceived as a solid block with a light wrap of timber; articulated slices allow sunshine to penetrate at key points.

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