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The Cold War era fallout shelter at the home of Werner and Orianna Brodbeck in Aurora, Ont. The main operations area is a 35' x 60' concrete and steel room with a striking Metro Status Board at one end.Dustin Rabin

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Detail view of one of the plexiglass status boards.Dustin Rabin

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Sliding black signs with detachable letters, symbols and cryptic acronyms.Dustin Rabin

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Grim tally board in the auxilliary command bunker.Dustin Rabin

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More engineering status boards inside what Aurora residents have long known simply as "The bunker."Dustin Rabin

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Emergency water supply.Dustin Rabin

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Orianna, Werner and daughter Analiese in front of the shaft leading to the underground room. Behind them, note the 'pop out' on the original farmhouse, which contains the staircase for interior access.Dustin Rabin

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