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The Eagle Harbour, West Vancouver home of Lorne Rubinoff. It was once owned by West Coast architect Paul Merrick, who designed the cedar, fir, glass and stone home himself.

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'It's such a part of its environment,' owner Lorne Rubinoff says, 'that every time the forest changes or the weather changes, it's reflected in the house.'

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Concerned that developers might just buy the home for its lot value and tear it down, Mr. Rubinoff embarked on a nine-month reno last year - designed by the original architect, Paul Merrick - to add additional creater comforts.

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Unlike many neighbouring West Vancouver homes, it is not a post and beam structure but rather composed of what Mr. Rubinoff calls 'dimentional lumber' - a range of 2x4s and 3x8s that give it a rich texture.

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Because of its cliff-hugging site and numerous small staircases leading to various rooms, it's hard to tell exactly how many levels there are in the house. Mr. Rubinoff said he once counted 16.

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Soaring 50-foot fir trees surround and embrace the home.

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A resting spot among the roof trusses.

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A view of the water shrouded by trees from the dining deck.

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Sun and shade in the living room.

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The master bathroom, with sunken tub.

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