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The tall, dark and handsome three-storey Gallery House has livened up its Dundas neighbourhood seemingly overnight.

Gallery House/Gallery House

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The second floor dining area with chandelier by Adam Wallacavage.

Gallery House

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The master bath on the third floor.

Gallery House

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A detail shot of the Wallacavage light fixture.

Gallery House

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The second floor powder room with Greentea Design bowl sink, Brothers Dressler vanity top.

Gallery House

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The second floor kitchen, with millwork by Greentea Design.

Gallery House

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The second floor living area, seen from the dining area.

Gallery House

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The ‘ceremonial' staircase to the first floor lounge.

Gallery House

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The foyer, featuring art by Anita Kunz.

Gallery House

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The gallery office, lounge and fireplace.

Gallery House

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In the lounge, left to right, Altius' Cathy Garrido, Belinda Chun, Joe Knight and Ian McFadyen.

Dave LeBlanc/The Globe and Mail

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UK graffiti artist Jon Burgerman stands beside the garage door he painted for Gallery House.

Gallery House

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