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The home created by architects Rob Kastelic and Kelly Buffey for Toronto clients at the foot of an Ontario ski hill. The design is pure and simple in form yet country comfortable.

Shai Gil/Shai Gil

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The finished house is barn-like in form, with 4,650 square feet of floor space and an expansive two-storey living room that stretches all the way up to the roof. The windows have crisp copper frames and the roof is made of copper, which shimmers in the sunlight.

Shai Gil/Shai Gil

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The architects say their clients 'wanted to make it a place for play.' That included a large outdoor whirlpool hot tub and an elaborate basement spa.

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At the centre of the main floor is a tall feature fireplace, its hearth and its chute made of Indiana limestone. The stone is mitered – cut on a 45-degree angle – for seamless joints. The fire burns freely with nothing to contain it on three sides.

Shai Gil/Shai Gil

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Ms. Buffey explains their design approach: 'We have one big move per building' – that is, one major design decision – 'and then we detail it very carefully.'

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The house’s most elaborate architectural showpiece is the basement spa. There is a careful geometry in the cedar benches, their linear patterns arranged to intersect and flip from floor to wall to ceiling without a jagged edge.

Shai Gil/Shai Gil

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