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Scadding Court Community Centre’s Market 707 offers everything from coffee and crepes to ethnic food and bicycle repair. ‘It’s something that Toronto has not had, from a public realm perspective [and] from an architectural perspective,’ says Centre Executive Director Kevin Lee. 'It’s limitless what you can do with these things.’Bob Gundu

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Scadding Court charges vendors a meagre $10 per day in rent because, says Mr. Lee, “that piece is missing” in a system that is trained to think only about macro economics. With such small financial risk, those who might never have thought of opening a business, such as a newly arrived immigrant, can do so here; already, a few of the vendors have moved to a bricks-and-mortar location after a year at Market 707.Bob Gundu

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The market has transformed the surrounding neighbourhood. Before 2011, shoppers exiting the nearby Kensington Market area never went further west in search of interesting food or merchandise. Now, that gap in the urban fabric has been filled. Further, these new “eyes on the street” have made things safer for local residents.Bob Gundu

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Market 707 has been so successful there is now talk of expanding it to create a ‘container mall,’ and the concept may soon reach other parts of the city.Bob Gundu

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