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Inside a 'micro-loft.' Architect Bruce Carscadden, ITC Construction and Reliant Properties have transformed the Burns Block at 18 West Hastings St., Vancouver into five floors of affordable compact rental housing. The average rent is $850 a month, utilities included, for the furnished units. 'Compact' means really, really small: between 226 and 291 square feet.

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A rendering of the micro-loft's bedroom setup. The bed is concealed in the wall when not in use.

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The bed folds up to reveal a pop-up dining table for meals.

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The micro loft in its 'relax' mode.

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Another view of the dining/relax set-up.

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The diagram shows how the space changes through the day as needs change.

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The building's hallways and common areas show a contemporary flare.

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The Burns Block at 18 West Hastings St., Vancouver. Street level amenities.

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Micro-loft, bathroom detail.

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Micro-loft, bathroom detail.

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Micro-loft, hallway detail.

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