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4 ways to make a small bedroom seem bigger

Redecorating a tiny urban bedroom doesn’t have to mean skimping on style, the design force behind Sarah 101 writes, noting that savvy storage planning and a clever use of materials can go a long way

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Instead of knocking down walls to open up a room, CONSIDER ALTERNATIVE MATERIALS that save space and add style. For the approach to this small bedroom, we installed panels of tempered glass in lieu of rebuilding a drywall barrier, then covered them with a contemporary photograph that was digitally printed on vinyl adhesive.

Stacey Brandford/The Globe and Mail

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If adding a proper closet isn’t in the cards, however, RETHINK STORAGE SPACE by installing one that doesn’t eat up valuable real estate. In this room, the installation of L-shaped, floor-to-ceiling closet systems on either side of the bay window provided maximum his-and-hers storage while minimizing visual clutter.

Stacey Brandford/The Globe and Mail

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You may not want to dedicate precious space to a big bed frame, but still want some structure to anchor the room’s decor. Solution: OPT FOR A STYLISH WALL-MOUNTED HEADBOARD. Still thinking outside the box, who says that bedside lights need to sit on tables? If you’re tight on space, consider installing pendant lights that hang from the ceiling instead.

Stacey Brandford/The Globe and Mail

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Furniture is being designed to do more, so EXPECT MORE OF THE ITEMS YOU BUY. Before signing up for a run-of-the-mill box spring as a foundation for your mattress, consider a solution that does double duty, such as a bed base that houses ample-sized drawers and another storage option.

Stacey Brandford/The Globe and Mail

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