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5 noteworthy trends from the National Home Show

From cowboy-inspired chic to chinoiserie, 2012's top decor trends are more eclectic and diverse than they have been in years. Starting on Friday at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto and running until March 25, the National Home Show will present 12 pop-up vignettes showcasing some of the coming year's most noteworthy. Designed by stylist Janette Ewen and presented by the Canadian Home Furnishings Market, the vignettes and their contents will be sold off at discounted prices to attendees; all proceeds will be donated to Food Banks Canada. Globe Style takes a sneak peek at a few of the highlights

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GOING WEST Rustic pioneer looks were recently all over the runways, so it was only a matter of time before they moseyed over to decor. Capturing the essence of this trend is the Carriage Bench from Springwater Woodcraft, designed to echo one from a horse-drawn carriage of the past.


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NESTING INSTINCT Bird motifs were big in 2011, but nests are where it’s at in 2012 and beyond. Witness the aptly named Nest Chair from Retro Regeneration by Collection International Inc. A distinctly modern take on an avian perch, the base of the chair nestles a handsome wax-coated cognac-leather seat.


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FADED EMPIRE While British design and motifs have been in the spotlight for some years now, the look for 2012 is more East End shabby-chic than super-colourful Brit-pop. Take this storage ottoman by Bacon Basketware: The Union Jack motif is all over; it has just been roughed up a little.


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CHINA RISES (AGAIN) If all of the geometric lattice prints, pagoda-style shapes and lines and allusions to exotic flowers, butterflies and dragons are any indication, a sense of wanderlust is back and fixated on China. Case in point: these luxurious raw-silk throw pillows from The Turquoise Palace.


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DARK SHADOWS Mysterious, glamorous and very, very dark, the Black Croc Echo Leather chair by NCA Design captures the essence of a growing trend toward modern-Gothic glam. Part Tim Burton, part Lisbeth Salander, the aesthetic is as much whimsical as it is dramatic. Herman Munster would approve.


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