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A look at a well-balanced Vancouver living room

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A consistent colour scheme - dark wood floors, ivory trim and ceilings, linen walls, and feature wall papers with ebony and ivory prints - creates unity of tone.

Barry Calhoun/Barry Calhoun

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Identical, custom-built slipper chairs, upholstered in grey and white on the front side, and midnight linen on the black. From the living room, the pattern on the chairs adds visual intrigue to the space.

Barry Calhoun/Barry Calhoun

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The back of the chairs are covered in midnight linen. When viewed from the dining room, their darkness gives the living room weight.

Barry Calhoun/Barry Calhoun

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Bird statue on the coffee table. A cast concrete fireplace facade with a simple profile achieves a delicate balance: The material's weight echoes the home's substance while its finish accentuates the muted elegance of the room's furnishings.

Barry Calhoun/Barry Calhoun

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The living room lighting required substance, not fineness or delicacy. Two large lamps with spherical bases bookend the sofa, brightening the corners of the room and creating a visual connection to the dining room.

Barry Calhoun/Barry Calhoun

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