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Macramé continues to be a major decor and craft trend, but if you’ve been too intimidated to try it – for fear of getting tangled up in all those knots – this project is for you.

A plant hanger is one of the easiest macramé projects to try, and my very basic net pattern using rabbit-hole knots is no-fail. Even so, the results are impressive.

A luxe-looking cotton rope, some metal details (borrowed from the plumbing aisle at the hardware store) and a pretty pot turn a simple DIY project into a stunning piece of decor.

You’ll need

Measuring tape


Two 10-yard rolls of craft cord

1½-inch harness ring

4½-inch copper couplers

¾ x ½-inch copper adapter

6-inch planter

Small indoor plant


Step 1. Open a roll of craft cord, pull out a generous length and measure 45 inches. Double this and cut. Repeat three times for a total of four pieces of cord. Knot all of the ends to prevent fraying. Gather the cords together and slide them through the ring to the middle; fold in two. Tie the cords in a large knot just below the ring. Pull each of the eight cords to make sure the knot is as snug as possible.

Step 2. Begin the first row of knots by gathering two pieces of cord together (choosing ones that are side-by-side). Slide a copper coupler over the ends, then measure 23-inches down from the knot. Tie them together at this point using a simple rabbit-hole knot. Repeat with the remaining cords for a total of four knotted pairs.

Step 3. Hold the project up by the hook, allowing all of the cords to hang loose. (Do this periodically as you knot, to prevent bunching and ensure the cords are hanging evenly.) To start the second row of knots, take one piece of cord from two different bunches, again choosing ones that are next to each other, but not already attached. Measure three inches down and tie them together at this point. Repeat with the remaining cords for a total of four new knots.

Step 4. One by one, slide all of the ends through the copper adapter. Push the adapter up to about three inches from the last row of knots. Tie all of the cords in one big knot underneath. Again, pull each cord until it’s really snug – this will add strength to the knot and ensure it securely supports your pot.

Step 5. Find a sunny spot to show off your macramé masterpiece, then string it up by a ceiling hook or wall-mounted plant hook.

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