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The question

What sources do you personally look to for interior-design inspiration?

The answer

I am inspired every day. It can be something as simple as the orange shade of a sunset, which I recently used as an accent colour for the model suite of a new development on Ontario's Lake Simcoe. Beautiful objects are an endless supply of inspiration; an antique urn in a classic shape can provide the fuel for an entire house. Because I'm a visual person, images often give me the map to my final design. I often flip through my favourite shelter mags – Veranda, Elle Decor, Architectural Digest – to catch an interesting detail and to see what my eye is naturally drawn to. I like to break the interiors down, identifying how the room is pulled together. I would never copy a look but I like to decode the designer's process. I often draw on historical references and reinterpret them with today's materials in a timeless, elegant way. And when I am in need of more inspiration, I pack my bag and hit the road.

Dee Dee Taylor Eustace is an architect and interior designer. Follow her on Twitter: @ddtaylordd. Have a design dilemma? E-mail