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Cardboard bowl by Marie-José Gustave for Chic & Basta.

Marie-Jose Gustave loves cardboard. The Quebec-based designer has been working by hand with recycled cardboard strips for more than a decade – originally sourcing discarded material from the street and later, from companies with unused packaging materials – and the results get increasingly elegant and artistic. Her recently launched Cardboard Bowls, for example, turn the well-known material into a near-abstract tactile experience. Commissioned (and exclusively sold) by Chic & Basta, a new online emporium that offers made-in-Quebec wares, the bowls are approximately 18-centimetres wide (however, each one is unique), with strips of micro cardboard slowly glued together and then finished with a paper varnish. "Cardboard is a very strong material – light but sturdy. Derived from wood and made with strong kraft paper, its corrugated form gives it strength and durability," says Gustave, who explains that as long as her bowls are kept away from water they should last for years and years. "The different stripes gives a thickness that make the bowls strong." $30-$90 through