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Check into this New York hotel to check out great decor

The Standard Hotel, atop New York's High Line, offers a host of innovative decorating tips, from maximizing views to minding your pennies. While the design style would generally be described as minimalist and modern, there's nothing stark or cold about the place. It's full of character (and characters) and each space offers a different experience (and a few inspiring ideas to add to your design files)

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MIND YOUR PENNIES Under The Standard Grill’s barrel-vaulted ceilings, covered in glossy subway tile, turn your gaze downward: You won’t be able to pick up any of the lucky pennies lining the floor, but you’ll wonder just how many were needed to create its glinting magnificence.

Handout | Nikolas Koenig/Handout | Nikolas Koenig

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MIX IT UP n the bright and airy brasserie-inspired bar, yellow, charcoal and cream Escher-patterned tiles cover the floor, bead-board panelling lines the walls and every surface gleams with ivory paint. Throw in industrial lighting fixtures and sculptural black bentwood chairs and there’s the inspiration for your next kitchen reno.

Handout | Nikolas Koenig/Handout | Nikolas Koenig

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THINK SHARP, ACT SOFT The sharp edges and hard lines are all rendered softer in the rooms. Slatted headboards extend up and onto the ceiling in one fluid line. Combined with the quilted bedding and nubby wool upholstery, the wood grain offers interest while presenting a clean, uncluttered look.

Nikolas Koenig

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ENJOY THE VIEW The rooms offer sweeping views of the Hudson River through floor-to-ceiling windows. The lesson: Even small spaces seem much bigger if you take advantage of views. Watching the sunset is like experiencing live theatre – but draw the curtains afterward, or you’ll be the one giving a show.

Handout | Nikolas Koenig/Handout | Nikolas Koenig

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ROCK OUT Reminiscent of a spaceship, the most commanding feature in the lobby is the intricately patterned slabs of marble, which comprise the reception desks. Consider the dramatic effect of using stone on a vertical surface at home. There’s no need for art when Mother Nature’s work is at hand.

Handout | Nikolas Koenig/Handout | Nikolas Koenig

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AIM HIGH Outside doors of the hotel lies the High Line, a disused-elevated-rail-line-turned-park opened in 2009. Check out the incredible all-season gardens created by the Dutch planting guru Piet Oudolf to appreciate what can be achieved with innovative landscaping. It brings a touch of green to the city. Amazing!

Handout | Nikolas Koenig/Handout | Nikolas Koenig

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