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Colours that will enliven any kitchen, bring the Old World to your new lav and bring your living room down to earth

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For your bathroom Evoking both the blooms and clay bricks of an English rose garden, Rosette Tint 3 (P2036-02) is elegant and warm.

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For your bathroom For a moodier, more dramatic effect, try Elderberry (P2038-03) on all four walls or as a backdrop for a mirror.

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For your bathroom Bolder than white, Orchid (P5224-24) is, like the petals of its namesake, rich and velvety.

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For your kitchen Want to add some watery whimsy to your galley? Use Rio Grande (6154-53) on a statement wall, backsplash, wood cabinetry or row of metal pendant lamps.


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For your kitchen A brighter alternative to turquoise, Mint Liquor (6121-54) offers equal punch. The pair works well in tandem, too.


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For your kitchen Subtle yet substantive, White Artichoke (6196) is an ideal neutral - and just as delicious as its name.


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For your living room For an appealingly organic-looking accent colour, you can?t go wrong with Spring Moss (2027-20).

Benjamin Moore

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For your living room Less green than grey Guilford Green (HC-116) can be a handsome hue for statement walls, furniture and floors.

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For your living room Don't be fooled by the name: Timid White (2148-60) is a more than robust anchor shade.

Benjamin Moore

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