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Designer Stacy Tao on why he prefers sketching with an iPad

Miami-based Stacy Tao, who designs furniture for Quebec-based Amisco, uses his tablet serves as a key tool when sketching out ideas

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“I sketch on my iPad. What I like about it is that you have features you can’t really utilize with pen and paper. For instance, you can draw something once and then copy and paste it for doing variations of an idea. My favourite program is called Penultimate. I keep my iPad next to my bed because sometimes in the middle of the night I will have an idea and do a little doodle so I don’t forget it. These sketches were done at the conceptual stage.”

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“I was looking for a very minimal/linear design and came up with a rectangular frame for the base, which is often done with a single round tube. I felt the rectangular frame would look interesting in profile and completely different straight on, like a typical single post. When I visualized it with the sketch, it became clear to me it would be strong design statement.”

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