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Array Table by Brothers Dressler.Picasa

Here's a harbinger of winter that we can all get behind: the Brothers Dressler's Array Table is inspired by the classic six-sided snowflake.

Such imagery might not make as much sense when admiring the table from the side, but when viewing the base through its oval glass top, the sinuous array of bent solid walnut – bolted around a brass ring – is on full display.

It's the result of Toronto designers Lars and Jason Dressler's experiments in "extreme bending," as Jason calls it. "We are both steam-bending and bend-laminating in order to achieve the tight bend over 90 degrees."

Developed this summer as part of the duo's made-to-order catalogue for clients, the table can be customized in different woods and shapes. And for those not ready to think of colder months yet, it can even be specified with a different number of legs.

"We have also been playing with five-legged objects based on flower structures," says Jason.

Price starts at $4800, through