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E-bikes are on the market. Folding bikes – ditto. But here's something new: the electric folding bike. Toronto's Revelo recently launched Flex, an electric bike that folds down to a clean 60 by 80 centimetres – small enough for a suitcase, the company says, or the trunk of a Smart car. Designed to "highlight the potential and joy of personal electric travel," according to Revelo founder Henry Chong, the pared-back bike eschews traditional design by removing the chain system and shifting the seat to an upright position. "It's almost like flying by on a chair," Chong says. The result is intended to be easier to mount, more intuitive and extremely lightweight – and it fits riders 4-foot-11 to 6-foot-4. "Rather than shrinking a bike and putting a motor on it, we took a fresh approach to the ride platform," Chong explains. "Our design direction was informed by focusing on creating an intuitive travel companion that integrates seamlessly into how people live." From $1,298 through

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