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Krista Webster's Toronto penthouse is photographed June 7, 2013.Moe Doiron/The Globe and Mail

Krista Webster, the president of Veritas Communications, moved into her loft-style condo building in Toronto's Fashion District just over a decade ago, having purchased a 790-square-foot unit off the blueprints.

After acquiring a schnoodle and a fiancé, however, the public-relations specialist and philanthropist decided it was time to move up – literally – with the 2008 purchase of a 1,450-square-foot penthouse suite in the same building. The unit was spacious but cold, so, with the help of interior designers Jessica Cotton and Tori Peters, Webster added a fireplace and walnut accents to warm up the interior. She soon had to leave it behind, though, for a stint in New York.

Since her return last year, the living room has become her favourite place to relax. "I think the room reflects who I am," she says. "Don't laugh, but there are a lot of moody greys with punches of colour and vibrancy, the accent hue being amethyst, my birthstone."

The couch

"I had this custom-made for me to work on. I actually designed it myself to give me the right backrest to sit and multitask on my surface tablet. It's a pewter colour and, depending on the light, can look very silver or platinum."

The floor lamp

"I got this in New York, where I lived for four years. It is silver and has an art deco feel, so it reminds me of the Manhattan skyline."

The orchid

"Orchids, for me, represent simple, modern beauty that only nature can design. I always have at least one in my home. I love the pop of white against the purple. It's fresh."

The coffee table

"This came from my designer Jessica Cotton's house. During my reno, I was having a party and we hadn't sourced something yet. I fell in love with the airiness of it and she let me keep it.

The ladder

"You always want a ladder that allows you to go up and this one helps me reach my built-in bookshelves, which I added as part of the renovation. I love mixing up the treasures on my bookcase and with this ladder I can do that at any time."

The cushions

"I always like to have extra cushions on the floor for unexpecteded guests to be able to sit on. I love the feeling of being cozy and these work perfectly next to the fireplace. I had them made."

The carpet

"This is by Madeline Weinrib, who is known for her opulent colours and patterns. I love the unexpected punch of a traditional motif done in a modern way."