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The question

I have fallen in love with a beautiful wallpaper for my bedroom, but it has a bit of a loud pattern. What if I don't love it so much a year from now? Is it safer to stick with a solid colour?

The answer

The words "I have fallen in love" do not come up enough times in a person's lifetime. Why does this bold pattern speak to you? The answer may be as simple as it made you smile.

Perhaps this pattern makes you feel like a more interesting person, full of vigour and spice, or perhaps the pattern is so strong that it makes you feel more restrained and elegant when posed next to it. Either way, it has spoken to you and you are a better person to have experienced this crazy, unabashed love than if you had never loved at all.

On the other hand, you can go for the solid paint colour and travel down the road heavily travelled. The road will be straight, sturdy and slightly dull: not a bad thing, but there will be days when you long for your beautiful wallpaper. In my experience, when you combine the words love and beauty, it usually lasts a lifetime.

Architect and interior designer Dee Dee Taylor Eustace's new e-book, Dee Dee's Rules, is available on iTunes. Follow her on Twitter: @ddtaylordd. Have a design problem? E-mail

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