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Here are 3 ways to make punk look good at home

The aesthetic that is synonymous with chaos and rebellion is now influencing home decor

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English designer Vivienne Westwood is one of punk’s progenitors. She used to dress the Sex Pistols and was among the first in fashion to elevate the look to an art. Her Mouth cushion, made from a silk tapestry, was inspired by the lips of model Sarah Stockbridge, Westwood’s main muse in the 1980s.


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Punk is rife with ironic juxtapositions, as the Howard Crown chest by British design firm Andrew Martin illustrates. A regal crown studded across a distressed, well-worn leather set of drawers that looks like it was inspired by a common steamer trunk.


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Before it was rendered in bright reds, pinks and high-contrast black and white, houndstooth was a staple of Saville Row and the horse-and-hound set. Seletti’s Trip wardrobe applies the pattern playfully but with great care – each tessellation was painted on by hand, giving the piece an artsy, DIY appearance.


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