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The home office of Vancouver developers Peter and Brenda Juric. Interior design by Kelly Deck Design.Barry Calhoun Photography

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Taking advantage of the room's length, it was decided to run the desks along the window wall, which opened up the view to the front garden, increased the surface area available for working and created space to build full-depth millwork on the opposite side of the room.Barry Calhoun Photography

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Artworks grouped on a wall draw you into the space.Barry Calhoun Photography

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High upper cabinetry was placed within a recess in the corner on the wall opposite the window to store stationary and tools.Barry Calhoun Photography

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A flip-up countertop serves as a good surface on which to review architectural drawings.Barry Calhoun Photography

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The built-in millwork is available for file storage.Barry Calhoun Photography

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The playful utilitarianism of the Torch Light fixture counters the plain white of the office background, leaving the matte black finish to reference the room’s other dark elements--carpet, hardware, computers, and Eames chairs.Barry Calhoun Photography

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