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The question

I am dazzled by the utter lack of paper flotsam – phone bills, magazine piles, the recycling schedule – in pictures of well-designed interiors. Is your place paper-free? And if so, what's your favourite way of sorting/hiding/dealing with the paper cyclone?

The answer

A computerized life may seem paperless, but there's still so much backup to manage, along with all the bits of life that haven't gone digital yet. I set my mail on a tray so it appears to have a purpose. I personally don't pay bills online because I really don't know how and worry that I might be paying someone else's bill with a slip of the finger. So where does all of that paper stuff go? In my office, in a file, in a drawer – and it all gets dealt with every week whether it wants to or not (and then sent away to off-site storage after tax time). All in all, paper is alive and well at my house – and while my favourite task is throwing it out, someone else will have to tell you where it goes after that.

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