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The Hunt table.Tim A Richards

Toronto-based designer Tim Richards first admired the ingenious construction of the traditional, wooden dogsled as a boy. His uncle owned nine huskies, and enjoyed racing through Ontario's ski country. The supple frame made an impression on Richards, even as the skinny skis clipped along country trails.

Richards's affection for the sleds grew, though, as an adult, when a Huntsville, Ont., hotel commissioned his studio – South Street Boat Builders – to make one. The old-fashioned way, by hand. The experience of parsing just how each wooden member fit together truly revealed the elegance of the age-old sled design. Every piece has a purpose, nothing is extraneous.

It's an elegance that Richards has transposed to his new Hunt table. Although it's meant to sit in a living room, not glide across snow, it has the same lithe elasticity, the same sense of lightness and strength. Price upon request. By custom order, through