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Rough Linen bedclotheshandout

A few winters ago, my man had to go away on assignment for an entire month, so that was my big chance. After days of careful deliberation, my conspiratorial Amex and I finally came to our decision and faster than you could say "snooze," a glorious collection of linen bedclothes was en route (ahem, I threw in a tablecloth too). By the time he got home, I told myself, I'd already have been sleeping in them for well over a week, so there'd be no going back. Victory!

There's a sealed envelope somewhere in this house (not to be opened for 10 years), containing some sort of pact I was forced to sign as a result of this little manoeuvre. I forget what it says exactly, but it has something to do with how long all this bedding will last. If it's not still going strong in a decade, he wins and gets something like a summer course at Oxford. If by that time we're still snoring in it (which we will be), then I win. This was the compromise we arrived at after he'd spent half a morning barking, "You spent what?!", with me repeatedly responding, "But it's an investment!"

So far, this has proved to be right, but in any case, he was a total convert after about two sleeps. The sheets from Rough Linen (I got several kinds) speak for themselves with their quality weave and weight – and I'm telling you about them at this point in the year because my absolute favourite piece in the wardrobe is a thick top sheet called a "Summer Cover," which gets whipped out to replace the duvet as soon as the first hot night is upon us. (I can't wait!)

The glory of the Summer Cover is that it has genuine heft, but at the same time, keeps you cool (the miracle of linen: in winter, the same fabric keeps you warm). It also looks fabulous. Whereas most single sheets look completely down and out (and are so flimsy, you feel too insecure under them to shut your eyes), this simple, elegant spread is beautifully finished with three-inch hems and mitred corners. You don't tuck it in; you just throw it over the bed and let it fall gracefully around. Effortless luxury, both to look at and to lie under.

If, like me, you're not one who's into roughing it, then now's the time to outfit your house or cottage for summer with a stash of these. Unlike me, however, do try to stay out of trouble while you're at it.

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