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In pictures: How to display family photos without being cheesy

There is never a single answer to questions of design, but put creative, expert minds together and chances are you’ll solve your style conundrums. We’ve assembled a panel of designers and a design blogger to share their secrets, straightforward principles and simple tips. This week’s question: How do you incorporate family photos in to a room in a way that isn’t cheesy?

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Sara Parisotto - Designer and co-owner of Commute Home: Style: “A bit of a foot in the past with sights on the future.” Consider printing photos in various sizes, or cropped a little differently than the traditional ratio, or changing some to black and white. Find a variety of vintage frames to house them in, creating a vignette. Another method is to turn some of them into art, literally. Take a favourite and have it enlarged and printed onto canvas.

Trish McAlaster/The Globe and Mail

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Robin Lewis - Interior designer at Elephants Limited and realtor: Style: “Purist, solutions-based design.” It’s often the content itself that’s cheesy. Stay away from posed images. Then figure out what it is that you’re trying to accomplish. Do you live alone and want to be reminded of your family? Then put them in a place where you’re always looking. The key is to give it a private spot.

Trish McAlaster/The Globe and Mail

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Chris Jones - Founder of Style: “Modern maximalist.” I don’t see anything wrong with having a single standing frame. You can drop a single frame photograph into any tablescape or any display space without any problem. If you want to have a group of family photos, then the best way to approach it is to have them all a similar size and similar frame treatment and then group them on a non-focal wall. Put them on a less obvious wall, like a hallway.

Trish McAlaster/The Globe and Mail

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