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Our goal with our 400-square-foot kitchen, installed on behalf of Aya Kitchens, was to demonstrate that elegance and timelessness could still crackle with vitality and unpredictability. Rather than recite old pieties about good design, we hoped to generate discussion around what makes a space unique.

White, of course, is elemental in a kitchen; it will never go out of style.


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Calacatta Fashion is a gorgeous species of Italian marble whose ivory base is shot through with soft, green-gold veins.

Rosa Pearson

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The key to having gold, the colour (which isn’t always the metal we call brass), work gloriously is to use it sparingly. This show kitchen features a custom-built a brushed-bronze hood fan, plated hardware in brushed brass, and a beautiful brass faucet.

Rosa Pearson

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A large dining table parallel to the island in this show kitchen would have been more obstacle than invitation.

Rosa Pearson

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Instead, we designed L-shaped chaise lounges.

Rosa Pearson

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