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Kelly Deck takes drab townhouse from tired to terrific

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Savings ultimately lay in the owners’ desire to make a one-time investment, in both the renovation and the furnishings. For the coffee table, we went with a mid-century classic (1948) by sculptor Isamu Noguchi. The glass adds reflection and also allows the rug’s pattern to be enjoyed from the seating. The table’s beautiful organic shape also softens the contours of the room, preventing the space from looking too uptight.

Photos by Barry Calhoun

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Our greatest investment was a set of custom bookcases. Along the east wall, these carefully designed walnut beauties featured cubbies of varying sizes that could house elegant vignettes of the couple’s travel treasures. And because of the angles at the room’s north end, we kept the cabinet height shy of the ceiling, which otherwise would have made for a rather tight looking fit in the corner.

Photos by Barry Calhoun

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For the sofa/chaise combo, we selected tailored pieces in a light, neutral fabric. Inspired by the couple’s art collection, we used one work per room as the starting point for each colour scheme. In the living room we selected a landscape by Drew Burnham. Its forest palette of deep, delicious greens were incorporated throughout the room in a custom-made rug of golden olive wool with silk veins, an army green lacquered side table and the decorative cushions – some with a golden-citron hue to add a pop.

Barry Calhoun

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