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Internationally acclaimed designer Martha Sturdy designed her concrete-and-glass West Vancouver home in 2000 as a showcase for her sculptural home-furnishings line, several striking examples of which are on display in her minimalist dining room overlooking British Columbia's Strait of Georgia. "The room is very dramatic," says the multidisciplinary artist, whose latest collection of contemporary furnishings, made of brushed aluminum, will be on show next month at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York. "The ocean inspires me," Sturdy adds. "It is so strong yet peaceful at the same time."

1. The dining room table and chairs

"The whole set is made of brass. I designed it myself. The finish of the brass is ever evolving and the beautiful patina seems to change with every meal. The table is perfect for entertaining and large family gatherings - it can accommodate up to 14 people at a time."

2. The console table

"That's another of my designs. It has a brass base with a resin top. Resin is a material I work with a lot, especially in my jewellery line. The disk I also designed - [it's]a hand-spun modern brass charger that I had made here in Vancouver."

3. The concrete column

"That's a structural concrete column that I left exposed because, for me, it's a stripped-down element of the house [that has]a bold presence. A lot of my own work is like that, pared down to its bare essence."

4. The flowers

"These are camellias, taken from my garden. The bold pop colour enlivens the room, especially when it rains - which, in Vancouver, is often. I love gardening - it's another way of working with my hands."

5. The table setting

"This is an eclectic mix of modern design materials and antique heirlooms. The candlesticks I made myself from steel with a brass wire wrap. The silver pitcher is a family heirloom, handed down for generations on my husband's side of the family. I love how the antique blends with the other more contemporary designs in the room. I like mixing things up like that - the old with the new."

6. The flooring

"The floor is polished concrete and is very practical for children and dogs. We have 10 grandchildren and two Labs. I like a room to be beautiful but also relatively maintenance-free. The colour complements the white on the 18-foot-high walls." - Deirdre Kelly

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