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"Clients, in general, are becoming very current to design trends and materials," says Toronto designer Endri Hoxha. "They are confident in what they're looking for. You can't force your designs." Hoxha's One-Two collection of tables, benches and desks (made to order from American black walnut, maple and solid steel) was built on exactly this premise: that the end user needs to be part of the design process throughout. The ever-growing collection is defined by client needs. Hoxha will tweak a table, for example, to fit a client's record collection, or – as in the series' most recent addition, the Narrow Coffee Table – will resize an existing design to suit a client's narrower-than-expected living room. In short, nothing is set in stone. "My approach is to create products that are timeless, modern and minimal," Hoxha says. "Furniture pieces that can be carried with you as you move from home to home." From $500, through