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Shelter Bay’s flare shade and diamond cage combo in copper finish.

Since founding design studio Shelter Bay last year, Rob Southcott and Sarah Cooper have moved on to another task: taking custom mainstream. Their premiere collection, Union, offers a slew of modular pendant components to combine for a foolproof designer fixture. "Our goal was to produce component shapes that our customers can easily mix and match together," Cooper says. The series is simple: Start with the socket and cord set, then pick your favourites from the steel spun shades (cone, horn and flared shapes are available), as well as the hand-welded steel cages, which come in bell, ball, diamond and flared designs. Pick one element or choose a shade and a cage to be "nested together" for a fresh take on the industrial-chic warehouse look. An array of finishes top off the components: matte white, on-trend copper or, for a more ethereal feel, the iridescent aurora finish. – From $69 through