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Sorting through our readers' clutter: Your answers to our Spring Cleaning survey Add to ...

What’s the first thing you’d grab in a fire?

- My rock collection – taken from around the world, from mountains to volcanoes to beaches.

- My purse, if I can remember where I set it down.

- Leather jacket from when I was 16.

- Our two dogs’ ashes.

- My wedding gown.

- My cellphone, to call 911.

- A framed photo of my mother.

- All the notes for my (hopefully soon to be completed!) PhD dissertation.

- My dogs and cats.

- Guitar.

- Coat, husband, cat, keys, purse.

- Bible.

- My marijuana.


What’s piling up around your house/apartment/condo?

- Dust bunnies.

- Dog hair.

- Seasonal clothing, boots, heavy coats.

- Lego.

- All my DIY projects … furniture to refinish, curtains to sew, decorations to put up etc.

- My children, they won't leave.

- Old computer equipment.

- Dirty dishes.

- Over 300 fountain pens!


What irritates you most about your partner's stuff?

- Stupid collection of toy cars he keeps on his desk – just collecting dust!

- It’s always on the floor.

- That he leaves his clothes from the door to the kitchen: tie and belt on the banister, sweater on a living room chair, bags everywhere, piles in the middle of stairs.

- How organized it is.

- Bits of obsolete technology piled in drawers, counters, under tables.

- Underwear on the floor.

- His parents’ stuff he refuses to let go.

- Apparently, everything is important. We can never throw out anything.

- It doesn't have a place and if it does, it doesn't make it there.

- He was willing to get rid of my stuff, but his was untouchable.

- He leaves plates and food scraps everywhere!!!!

- All of the wires for the home entertainment system.

- Stupid giant speakers.


What's the one cheesiest thing you own that you'll never throw out?

- A plug-in gold Buddha with light-up belly.

- My high-school yearbooks.

- Raggedy Ann doll.

- Mom's bowling trophy.

- A framed picture of a dachshund that my partner's boss bought us.

- Hand-painted ceramic sheltie dog.

- Vinyl records.

- Life's a sandwich turtleneck from Whistler.

- Elvis bust.

- Winnie-the-Pooh mug.

- Foam strawberry given by a former love interest.

- A fairy puzzle picture done by my Australian brother.

- Leather pants.

- A Hello Kitty karaoke machine (seriously!)

- My Manchester United jerseys.

- Dutch Shoe Bottle Cap Opener.

- My Wonder Woman collection. (Well, Wonder Family era and Mod Era.)

- 1954 hand-held Sunbeam electric beater.

- My Polkaroo hand puppet – given to me by the late Elwy Yost.

- Movie tickets from every movie I've ever attended.

- My giant stuffed turtle. (Though no one has complained.)

- My 60-plus large Rubbermaid containers of Christmas decorations.

- My bongo set that i never play...but might some day!!

- Sex doll.

- Curious George toy with burnt foot.

- My sci-fi fantasy bookshelf.

- My red-plush Welcome to Las Vegas pillow.

- 20-foot shipping containers.

- The California Raisins that my mom gave me.

- Miss Bratislava sash.

- An old copy of French Playboy with Juliette Binoche.

- My childhood teddy bear.

- My android toys.

- Ozzy Osbourne “Bark at the Moon” doll.

- Battlestar Galactica coffee mug.

- Rocking chair that has been so badly clawed by cats, it's no longer safe to sit on.

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