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In photos: Maine mountain man arrested after 27 years of living solo

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Christopher Knight, who is believed to have lived alone in the Maine woods for 27 years, is shown in this 2012 surveillance photo from a private dwelling break-in.

Maine State Police/Handout/Reuters

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Police Christopher Knight survived by breaking into private homes and campsites to steal food. He was caught here on camera in a private home in 2012.

Maine State Police/Handout/Reuters

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Authorities caught Mr. Knight when he repeatedly robbed a camp for people with special needs.

Maine State Police/Handout/Reuters

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Maine State Police discovered Christopher Knight’s campsite near Rome, Maine, following his arrest on April 4, 2013.


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They said Mr. Knight cooked with propane and stayed warm in winter by wrapping himself in multiple sleeping bags. He never lit fires at night in order to avoid detection.

Maine Department of Public Safety/Handout/AP

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Maine State Police believe Mr. Knight lived completely alone and may only have spoken to one person in the last 27 years.

Maine State Police/Handout/Reuters

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