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getting hitched

Michael Bublé | Singer, songwriter Mr. Bublé will be watching the game live in Rogers Arena. The crooner has watched almost every game this year, either live or on his computer when he's travelling outside of Canada. Mr. Bublé had a concert scheduled in Connecticut tonight, but moved it to the 16th just to be at the game.Morena Brengola

Sorry, ladies, Michael Bublé is taken - he put a ring on it to prove it. The Canadian crooner isn't yet married to Argentinean fiancée and soap opera star Luisana Lopilato, but the pair already have matching jewellery. Hers is a diamond, and his is a plain band. The couple has been together since 2008, and engaged since last November, when Mr. Bublé proposed in front of friends and family of the bride-to-be.

On tour in Toronto this past week, Mr. Bublé told the concert crowd that men's engagement rings are a tradition in Ms. Lopilato's home country of Argentina.

For engaged women, a big rock is sure to send a message to single men within their range of vision. But will this gender spin on engagement rings catch on?

Not likely, says 25-year veteran wedding planner and consultant Susan Hyatt, trademarked The Wedding Lady, based in Vancouver.

"One of my brides had an heirloom ring from her grandfather, and when her groom proposed, she proposed, too. But that was a one-time thing," says Ms. Hyatt, though she's never had any Argentine brides as clients.

Brides do tend to put a pre-vow display of commitment on their grooms if they are separated during their engagement, Ms. Hyatt adds, giving rings or other jewellery as a keepsake for travels that keep the couple apart.

"I don't think Michael [Bublé]is going to start a trend out here. It wouldn't be as special - it's so special for the bride to have the ring," she says.

Ms. Hyatt says she gives the same advice to all of her brides: "Start your own trend."