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Finger Puppets, $2 total

I recently went on a trip to New York to attend an Absolut event and provide inspiration for my own installation in Toronto.

In my spare time, I went shopping and bought my nine-month-old niece, Madeleine, a set of finger puppets.

I bought two, and they were $1 each - a little moose and a giraffe.

They were really cute and I figured she would love them. I thought I was being a good uncle.

Well, suffice to say - I was wrong.

They are way too big for a baby. She put both on, and could almost fit her whole hand into one of them.

And then she tried to eat them.

They are now sitting on the floor of her playpen, neglected.

I don't think the $2 went to waste, as they were handmade by an artist who was selling them on the streets of New York and I'm also an artist so happy to support him.

I considered working them into my installation last week.

But instead maybe my niece can use them as mittens this winter.

As told to Deirdre Kelly