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A Thunder Bay staple: the Persian

Only in Thunder Bay, you say. Not a pity.

A cinnamon bun, old style, smeared with ultra-sweet cherry icing. It's so sweet you fear it might cause instant diabetes at fifty paces.

Hundreds and hundreds of thousands sold from three locations -The Persian Man- sometimes with extra icing on the side.

Or in a tub.

"As far as I know," Spenser Nucci told me--he is one of the heirs to the Persian Man fortune--"you can only get 'em in Thunder Bay. So when you travel, or go away, or move from Thunder Bay, they like to take them with them. So they carry the icing on the side. Even some we ship to some people."

The icing is allegedly a big secret.

But I assure you it contains icing sugar.

Ian Brown eats Canada

The Name is a play on Pershing, after the American general for whom it was named by its inventor, the late Thunder Bay baker Art Bennet.

Have you had the pleasure of experiencing a Persian? Share your sweet, sweet experiences below.