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Tom Powers of Minnesota's Pioneer Press recently highlighted a football position he says is a "you can't pay me enough to do that" job. It's the "wedge buster" - the player who runs down the field after a kickoff and attempts to break through the human wedge a return team builds to block the player returning the ball. "It is the worst job on the football field," Mr. Powers writes. "And a guy has to be exceptionally screwy to be able to do it properly." Heath Farwell, a wedge buster for the Minnesota Vikings, explains: "There's 300-pound guys back there and you're taking on three or four of them, trying to break everybody up. I've seen guys get concussions, get knocked out." Though many, like fellow wedge buster Vinny Ciurciu, have a taste for the work. "Some guys love to blow up the wedge." Hey, it beats working in Scotland.

Craig Silverman is the author

of Regret the Error: How Media Mistakes Pollute the Press and Imperil Free Speech.