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One-on-one with fashion blogger Fifi Lapin

Since London-based Fifi Lapin began her eponymous blog in 2007, the long-eared fashion maven has become the belle of the style world. Among other rabbit feats, she has been featured in Elle magazine (which dubbed her "the world's most stylish bunny"), designed capsule collections for a variety of cool brands (including Le Sportsac, Topshop, ASOS and, next up, France's Pimkie) and authored the chic rabbit's guide to contemporary fashion, last year's What Shall I Wear Today? Style Secrets of a Furry Fashionista. Unlike other bunnies, Lapin lives not in a warren, but in a human-sized townhouse. And she prefers kitten heels to carrots. True to her species, though, this prolific "hare-ess" seems unstoppable.

Katherine Gougeon: In your book, released at the end of last year, you interviewed top designers from around the world. Who really dazzled you?

Fifi Lapin: I adored Biba founder Barbara Hulanicki. She was a riot and gave me some amazing snippets from her fabulous life in fashion. I still can't believe she dumped the last of the Biba stock in a favela in Brazil - there are probably still a few gems floating around Rio. I'm tempted to book a flight and start searching.

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KG: Carry-on or steamer trunk?

FL: Steamer trunk, of course. Traveling light is not a concept that sits well with me.

KG: You also had a chance to talk to Anna Sui about her "serendipity closet," a seemingly ordinary armoire that leads to a huge walk-in wardrobe. How and where do you store your couture?

FL: Anna inspired me to convert a room in my London townhouse into a walk-in wardrobe. It's set up like a boutique with space between each item of clothing. I have special shelves for my shoes and hats and a gorgeous carved-wood chest of drawers with cut-glass handles for accessories. I browse my wardrobe like most people browse their family albums, so my pet peeve is when things are all squashed in.

KG: Your book cautions readers not to relax simply because they've found the right dress, that accessorizing is key. What other lazy style mistakes do humans make?

FL: Jeans! They are obsessed with them. I admit they don't look great on my generously padded tush and maybe I'm a little jealous, but, seriously, there are other options.

KG: Are there any trends that you'd like to see disappear down a rabbit hole?

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FL: Crop tops - enough said.

KG: As an It bunny, is it difficult protecting your anonymity from admirers and nosy media types?

FL: Not really. They just accept me for who I really am - a rabbit with an innate style sense.

KG: Do fans ever e-mail you for fashion advice?

FL: They mostly send their appreciation. I have a little collection of Fifi Lapin dolls wearing beautifully sewn little garments that fans have made. Those sorts of things are very special to me.

KG: Fans love your blog for the charming illustrations of you modeling designer looks. What will you be wearing this spring?

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FL: My main theme will be sixties-hippie-meets-seventies-biker-punk, so I'll be swinging into the new season with bell-bottoms and studded jackets. Crafty textures are also a must: lace, macramé and crochet. No more platforms. My paws will be adorned with the finest kitten heels and maybe the odd clog. I've already ordered my cat's-eye spectacles. My must-have piece is an amazing feathered gown from Alexander McQueen.

KG: What can we expect from you in terms of future projects?

FL: I have been working on a T-shirt project with Pimkie, a European fashion store that will bring Fifi to the masses. I also intend on making more limited-edition items like my gold and enamel Fifi brooches, which were a big hit last year.

KG: 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit. Any special plans - or outfit - to celebrate Chinese New Year?

FL: I've been working on a project with the APM Centre in Hong Kong. They've created life-size 3-D likenesses of me wearing 12 specially designed outfits for the Year of the Rabbit. The model for January is 12 feet tall and features a gorgeous cheongsam-inspired party dress in vibrant red, which denotes good luck. I can't wait to jet out and admire my giant self!

Special to The Globe and Mail. This interview has been edited and condensed.

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