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We surveyed parents on children’s lunches, transportation, worries and academic readiness. Here’s what you had to say:





What parents said: Going into the school year, what’s your biggest worry?

"Standardized testing. My family was eating dinner when my daughter said: 'I hope I don’t fail EQAO in two years.' She was just finishing up Grade 1."

– Warren Tilston, Espanola, Ont.

"The uncertainty of the current labour situation in B.C. schools."

– Andrea Matthews, Port Coquitlam, B.C.

"My daughter is going into full-day JK with pre- and post-school daycare. I worry about providing her with the right amount and type of nutrition for this new 7:30-a.m.-to-5-p.m. routine. It feels like she will be taking the fridge with her."

– Agnes Kowalska, Ottawa, Ont.

"How my child will fit in socially. Will he make friends? Will he cope well with the change to his routine? He is starting his first year of kindergarten and will not know anyone in his class."

– Christine DeClerq, Gatineau, Que.

"Anything can happen in the year ahead to challenge her sense of self. A shift in social dynamics, a romantic/sexual relationship, a poor decision at a party … any of these things can affect her school year."

– Lisa Naylor, Winnipeg, Man.

"I worry that the staff do not have a handle on the bullies in the school yard."

– Mary Stephenson, Kitchener, Ont.