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Drab and dreary dorm room? Seven ways to brighten up campus life

University living (and learning) spaces typically aren't known for their brilliant decor. In fact, they can be downright depressing. Bring a little joy into your post-secondary life with these colourful items

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Computers crash. And usually right when you’re in the middle of an all-nighter. Take key notes by hand and keep them safe in funky notebooks. Jumbo journals, $17,

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Yes, you have to do your own grocery shopping now. Make it less of a chore by having some fun with it. Go with friends – and this cute reusable tote. Baggu bag, $11,

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Why would you need a camera when there’s one built into your phone? Because with a real camera, you’ll have to actually stop and think about whether you want to post that picture from frosh week online. (Hint: You probably don’t.) Nikon 1 J2, $599.95, for retailers

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Speaking of phones, lose yours and you’re going to be out some serious cash that you don’t have to spare (even if it’s coming from the bank of mom and dad). Make yours stand out with a kicky case. Swarovski White Diamonds Liquids iPhone case, $39.99,

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A watch? Sure. Cellphones can die, and missing class typically isn’t a good idea. (Ditto for last call.) Timex Originals watch, $75,

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Every dorm room needs ‘the chair’ that unexpected guests can crash on (i.e., your off-campus buddy who missed the last subway). This bowl-shaped one will do the trick nicely. Moon chair, $28, for store locations

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Odds are, you’re going to be spending a lot of time on your computer. Be inspired while writing endless essays with an arty mouse. Microsoft wireless Artist Edition mouse, $24.95,

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