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These sandwich ideas are the perfect way to add variety to your school-age children's lunchbox

<strong>BACON</strong> <br> <strong>Bacon and egger:</strong> Boil, cool, peel and slice an egg. Fry 2 strips of bacon (or thinly sliced pancetta) until very crisp. Blot excess fat. Spread a sesame bun with a thin layer of mayonnaise. Add sliced egg and season with salt and pepper. Layer on bacon, sprinkle with alfalfa sprouts. <br> <strong>The BLP:</strong> Fry 2 strips of bacon until very crisp. Blot excess fat. Spread butter thinly on 2 slices of challah. Layer on havarti cheese (cheddar or mozzarella work, too), bacon, well-dried red pepper strips, and crisp iceberg lettuce.Mike Flippo

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<strong>EGG</strong> <br> <strong>Sliced egg club:</strong> Make a tasty spread by adding a teaspoonful of finely chopped pickle to a tablespoon of mayo. Toast two slices whole wheat bread and spread with pickle mayo. Layer on slices of boiled egg and chicken. Add cooked and crumbled bacon and well-dried red pepper strips. <br> <strong>Artichoke and feta frittata:</strong> Combine a raw egg, salt, pepper, chopped pickled artichoke and crumbled feta. Beat lightly. Heat a skillet with a bit of butter and cook frittata on medium until egg is solid. Cool. Split a square of focaccia width-wise and spread butter on both sides. Add frittata (cutting if necessary) and top with arugula or fresh tarragon.Stephanie Howard

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<strong>CHICKEN</strong> <br> <strong>Crunchy barbecue chicken:</strong> Mix a spoonful of mayonnaise with a bit of barbecue sauce. Spread on multi-grain bread. Layer on sliced chicken and season with freshly ground pepper. Add thinly sliced dill pickle and 3 to 4 potato chips. <br> <strong>Wasabi chicken:</strong> Thinly slice a few radishes and soak in seasoned rice-wine vinegar. Meanwhile, make a flavourful mayo by adding wasabi, a few drops of soy sauce and a little grated fresh ginger. Spread a baguette with the mayo. Blot radish slices and layer along with sliced chicken and a few sprigs of fresh cilantro. Want to mix it up? Add sliced fresh mango.Fred Lum/The Globe and Mail

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<strong>TUNA</strong> <br> <strong>Tuna lettuce wraps:</strong> Make a tuna filling as you normally would – a few drops of lemon juice and some finely chopped olives are very nice. Pack large iceberg lettuce leaves in one container and cucumber spears in another. Assemble wraps just before eating. <br> <strong>Tuna tortilla:</strong> Spread a soft tortilla with mayo or salsa (the green tomatillo kind works well). Layer on well-drained, lightly mashed tuna, shredded cheddar and lettuce. Prefer mayo with your tuna? Make a chipotle mayo by mixing a few drops of the adobo sauce from a can of chipotle peppers into a tablespoonful of mayonnaise. Roll it up, and send it packing.

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<strong>ROASTED RED PEPPERS</strong> <br> <strong>Middle Eastern:</strong> Spread fresh pita bread (or 2 minis) with hummus. Add a double layer of well-dried roasted red peppers and sprinkle with sesame seeds or a bit of cumin. Top with flat leaf parsley. <br> <strong>Roasted Pepper Nicoise:</strong> Finely chop a roasted red pepper and mix with a tablespoon of mayo. Spread on fresh sourdough bread. Add sliced egg, well-drained tuna, lightly cooked green beans and pitted Nicoise olives. Anchovies and sliced cooked potatoes add more interest.

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