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LunchboxMarcie Fowler/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Before you build one of these bad boys, heed these simple tips and you'll be a sandwich artist in no time:

1. Use quality ingredients. A good tuna will make a huge difference to your end result. So will stale bread.

2. The nicest boiled eggs start at room temperature and are barely simmered for 10 to 12 minutes before being plunged in cold water to stop cooking.

3. Find shortcuts. The jarred red peppers from the store are almost as good as homemade. Likewise a whole roasted grocery store chicken.

4. Consider wait time. If your sandwich is going to sit all morning, keep crunchy elements (lettuce, chips) separate for adding at the last minute. Butter has less flavour than mayo but better protects bread from sogginess. And a frozen juice box or an ice pack will keep everything cool and fresh.