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Less homework won't make us slackers, students say Add to ...

In Robyn Ladner's Grade 6 class, her students don't receive much homework. Ms. Radner, a teacher in Vernon, B.C., would rather they spend their evenings reading a good book, and get a good night's rest. Last week, she read to her class some of the online comments that were posted in response to the Globe and Mail's stories on homework. Her students had some strong opinions, particularly about the suggestion that homework-lite schooling would create "slackers" who won't be able to compete in the future. Here's what they said:

Anna Rice: In our class we don't get loads of homework. Slackers are people who get a minimum amount of homework and don't feel the need to complete it. I strongly believe that children should get the chance to work on a project before it is sent home for homework. Because I do not have homework most of the time I still have the energy and free time to go to my sports, play with my puppy and friends, and mostly I get the chance to spend time with my family. But on the other hand banning homework completely is taking it to far if you ask me. Everyone is given the chance to finish projects at school. That separates the wasting time kids and the using time wisely kids. Even though I don't get much homework I still get good grades and learn tons. Homework doesn't necessarily make you smarter.

Seth Blundell: In our class Mrs. Ladner doesn't give us much homework. When I am not doing my homework I get more time to play with my mom, dad, sister, and all of my other relatives. This isn't creating slackers. Those are kids who never do homework, never study, and don't care, no matter how much it is. We get as much as we need. I always pretty much get straight A's and I haven't had very much homework all the time I've been in school. I think I'm giving all my effort even if I haven't had a whole ton of homework.

Jordan McGrath: In our class Mrs. Ladner believes that we should have a small amount of homework. We finish what we didn't finish in class so we can do activities after school, like sports, hang out with my family, and play with my friends. After school I read books, I play with my friends and do other things. I believe that too much homework would prevent kids from doing their activities. I still get good marks in school even though I get less homework. I still try my best

Kyle Cuirka: Mrs. Ladner gives us homework if we do not finish it in class time. When I don't have homework I usually play video games, watch TV, and relax but sometimes I have sports but that is usually not a problem. I use my class time wisely so I don't get homework but still, I get really good grades in school from test and schoolwork. I think some homework is good because it is easy to get overdue work done.

Katrina Kleefman: In our class, Mrs. Ladner doesn't believe that homework makes a good student. That is why she will not give out a lot of homework unless it is an assignment that was unable to be finished during class time. Recently, we have been working on our book reports which we started three to four weeks ago and will be doing one each month. When we do projects like that, she will allow us to take it home so we can have plenty of time to use our best effort. I really like not having much homework so that I may spend more time with my family, play sports with my friends, read, do chores, and get a chance to relax.

Just because our teacher doesn't hand out too much homework, it doesn't mean that her class produces slackers. There are many kids in my class who always use their time wisely, give their best effort, and get excellent grades, even if we don't have much schoolwork to do at home. True slackers need some homework to do, because most of the time thy have nothing better to do than sit in front of the TV or play video games. Homework isn't a waste of time unless it is completely unnecessary.

Homework doesn't build a better person.

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