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Becoming a new dad? Unsure of what to do once the baby comes? Check out what these professional fathers have to say about the wonderful world of daddyhood

‘Lean in. It is stereotypical for dads to not know how to do diapers, or care for kids,’ says Buzz Bishop, father of two and creator of the blog, ‘Let's be the generation that breaks the stereotype by being active, engaged fathers who aren't afraid to bottle feed, grocery shop, or put on a tea party.’

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‘Be present. When my first son was born, my father had just passed away and I spent a lot of time feeling sorry for myself instead of helping out my wife,' says Chris Read, father of two and creator of the blog, ‘My case was probably an extreme one but the message is the same. It may not make sense to wake up in the middle of the night to comfort your wife while she breastfeeds but she would appreciate that every now and then. Offer to let her sleep while you take the baby out for a walk. Kids aren't as scary as you think and you are a better father than you could ever dream of.’

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‘The best advice I ever received was from wife, during a conversation before my son was born,’ says Bobb Allen, father of one and creator of the blog, ‘I was telling her how worried I was, because I didn't have the best of examples on how to be, or what do as a dad. She said to me, ‘Take what happened to you, and don't do that. You know what you shouldn't do, so you have a great starting point.’Elizabeth Fulton Photography

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‘Love your spouse first,’ says Ricky Shetty, father of one, and creator of ‘To be strong parents, you first need a strong marriage. The first relationship your kids will learn is of is the love they observe between mommy and daddy. The best gift you can give your kids is a happy marriage.’

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‘Have a sense of humour. Being a first-time parent is hard enough if you can’t laugh at yourself, your partner, and every person trying to give you unsolicited advice on how to raise your child,’ says Adam Dolgin, father of two and creator of the blog, ‘You’re not going to get much sleep, you may get both peed on, your discretionary income is gone, and every person you see is going to tell you you’re doing it wrong. So laugh, smile and make stupid faces at your baby and enjoy it. It will be your sanity.’

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